You are stronger than your struggles.
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You are stronger than your struggles.

Phobia happens to a person experiencing tension, panic, fear, and dread when encountering the source of fear. It can be a certain thing, situation, or place. Unlike anxiety disorder, a phobia is associated with something specific. Phobia varies from person to person and affects differently, from annoying to severely disabling. It can affect an individual’s areas of life. For instance, agoraphobia is a phobia that fears open spaces and large crowds and prefers to stay inside their homes. Social phobia is when a person avoids social situations and is more likely prone to isolation. One of the severe symptoms of phobias is having a panic attack. Some characteristics of a panic attack are:

  • trembling or shaking
  • profuse sweating
  • pounding or a racing heart
  • a sense of impending doom
  • dizziness
  • a choking sensation

At ALTA Behavioral Health, we have therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which can decondition and reduce the symptoms of phobias focused on changing negative thoughts, dysfunctional beliefs, and negative reactions to sources. We focus on providing personalized treatment and therapies where you can manage your fear and lead a fulfilling life.

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