Skilled Nursing Services: Is It Right for You?


Skilled nursing services refer to a range of healthcare services provided by licensed and trained nursing professionals. Patients can experience skilled nursing services in various healthcare settings, including behavioral healthcare centers, hospitals, home healthcare providers, and many more.

We offer home health care in Maryland, which includes skilled nursing services, and here are a few considerations that may help determine whether or not skilled nursing services are the right fit for your care plan or treatment program:

  • Post-hospitalization Care

    Skilled nursing services can be effective in helping promote healing, recovery, and rehabilitation after a hospital stay, surgery, or procedure. Post-hospitalization duties of a skilled nurse include wound care, medication management, vital signs monitoring, and many more.

  • Medication Management

    Individuals with complex medication regimens can benefit from skilled nursing services. A skilled nurse can ensure the proper administration of medication and has the skills to administer medication intravenously. We can help you find the right nurse to assist your loved ones with our healthcare staffing services.

  • Management of Acute or Chronic Illnesses

    Skilled nursing services can provide monitoring, administer prescribed treatments, and assess the individual’s overall health during periods of acute illnesses such as infections or pneumonia. It is also effective in helping manage symptoms of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

For high-quality skilled nursing services, feel free to contact us. ALTA Healthcare Services is your one-stop shop for home healthcare and behavioral health in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Our services include skilled nursing services, home health care, and healthcare staffing services.


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